Why "Forest Gardening in Practice"?

There are plenty of books and websites telling you how forest gardens should work. I am more interested in how they do (and sometimes don't) work, and in the people who are working in and with them.

In my book, Forest Gardening in Practice you can meet some of the pioneers who have been planting, tending and harvesting their sites, often away from the spotlight of media and research, for years and sometimes decades. Each of these case studies is a tale of discovery and self-discovery, of successes and setbacks, sometimes planned and often unsuspected.

If you want to dig deeper have a look at the Resources page. And if you're would like to discuss a new forest garden projects or get advice for the maintenance and repair of an existing one please get in touch.

About me

I first came across forest gardens in 1995, when I was lucky enough to visit Robert Hart's original site in Shropshire during a permaculture course. A year later I went to the Dutch/German border to help Harald Wedig plant his own version of a forest garden dome, and I have been hooked on the subject ever since. After six years of helping to reforest the Pennine hills in Northern England with Treesponsibility I spent six years travelling Britain by bike with my partner and collaborator Jed Picksley. In 2012 I settled at Earthworm Housing Cooperative in Herefordshire, where a team of us has been busy renovating three old buildings and looking after 7 acres of land. Much of this is woodland and orchards, and I am finding plenty of opportunity to integrate forest garden spaces on this patch of earth. Over the years I have helped design, plant and maintain forest gardens across Britain and Europe, and learned a great deal in the process. I also enjoy sharing my learning in many courses on forest gardening and permaculture and helping people with realising their own forest garden visions. I have worked with individuals, communities, businesses, charities and public bodies. For details of the services I offer please look on this page.