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Courses and events in 2020/21

After a year of reduced and mostly online teaching, it is great to be back with a fuller programme over the coming months. I am glad to go back to teaching "on the ground" again in some cases, at the same time I decided to carry on teching some courses online as makes this important learning accessible to different groups of people.

If you are interested in hosting or organising courses withe me please get in touch, and feel free to suggets other subjects.


Forest gardening online course

with Tomas Remiarz and Graham Bell

Dates: 8th/10th November, 22nd/24th November 2021

Cost: £240-£80


This four day online course will set you up for planning, planting and maintaining a forest garden. Whether you are a beginner or have already started, the input from two top educators and practitioners will move your pratice to a new level.

Contact: please go directly to the booking form which includes payment information.



Food Forest Design

Venue: Mycelium Food Forest, Arlon, Belgium

Tutor: Tomas Remiarz

Dates: 30 October - 1 November 2022

This course will teach you how to design, plant and maintain a forest garden. We will use the land and people around for a practical example. You will learn to observe the land around you, ask questions of the people using the site and analyse the gathered information. We will explore how to combine trees, shrubs and perennial plants and how to organise planting, harvesting and maintenance. The third day will be dedicated to coaching you on your own food forest design.

Contact: via Mycelium Food Forest


Waldgarten-Intensivkurs (in deutscher Sprache)

Wo: Essbare Stadt Kassel

Mit: Tomas Remiarz, Karsten Winnemuth

Wann: 24. - 28. Maerz 2022

Dieser Kurs wird tefe Einblicke in die Theorie und Praxis des Waldgartens vermitteln. Wir werden bestehende Projekte in Kassel besuchen und neue entwerfen. Du wirst waehrend des Kurses auch Gelegenheit haben, dein eigenes Waldgartenprojekt zu entwickeln.

Kontakt: Melde dich bitte ueber das Kontaktformular


Online Permaculture Design Course with Applewood Permaculture

Venue: Applewood, online

Tutors: Tomas Remiarz, Chris Evans, guest tutors

Dates: 19 Feb - 12th June 2021, 11 online sessions

Cost: Full rate £350; concessions available


Internationaly certified 72-hour design courseincluding 35 hours in 11 interactive sessions and follow up activities for exploring permaculture in your own time. We will build a mutually supportive community of learners and you will have time to develop your own permaculture design during the course with help from experienced tutors and guest teachers.

Contact: More information on the Applewood website


Alfoxton Permaculture Design Course 2022

Venue: Alfoxton Park House, North Devon

Dates:  27-31 May, 1-3 July, 5-7 August, 16-20 September 2022

Once home to the poets Wordsworth and Coleridge, Alfoxton Park House in the Quantock Hills is now transforming into a Buddhist Community and art centre with an intention of using permaculture in developing the site. Our course will give ample opportunity to explore how permaculture can be used on any scale and in many settings using the beautiful grounds and landscape including walled garden and 30 acres of SSSI as practice grounds. You will also have the chance to apply your learning in between weekends and develop a permacultrue design for your own situation.

Cost: £250 deposit + donation

Contact: please use the contact form



Introduction to Permaculture

Venue: Applewood, Herefordshire

Dates: next course planned for spring 2022

Contact: courses@applewood.org.uk


Living in Community

This is a course I co-facilitate with Jed Picksley. It covers a broad range of subjects relevant to setting up and being involved in community living. Content and format and flexible and can be ltailored to the needs for the participants.

No courses planned at the moment.


Introduction to Forest Gardening

No courses planned at the moment. Get in touch if you want to make one happen!


Developing Plant skills

This course covers plant identification, propagation from seed and other propagation methods. This can be a 2-3 day course.

No courses planned at the moment.